Diagnostic Tests and Work Up

If your pet is unwell and requires tests to determine what the underlying issue is, you can request a home visit through Vets2Pets so that tests can be performed in the relaxed atmosphere of your own home.

During your Vets2Pets visit, our vets might recommend additional tests and screenings to better understand your pet’s health. The results of your pet’s diagnostic tests will help us create an individualised treatment plan to help them on the road to better health as soon as possible.

We can test dogs for heartworm and parvovirus, while faecal examinations can be examined for intestinal parasites. We also test cats for infectious diseases including FeLV/FIV, feline enteritis and cat flu. We can perform all forms of diagnostic tests which are run and interpreted by trusted pathologists at a specialist laboratory. Our tests include those required for pets due to travel or migrate overseas.

Pathology tests help us determine the presence or severity of a disease, enabling us to provide faster treatment and diagnosis in addition to ruling out unpleasant diseases. We also offer allergy blood testing.

Our vets will take blood if necessary for a pathological report and we always strive for the fastest possible turnaround to provide pet owners with a quick diagnosis of the problem and effective medication. Whenever possible we will take samples in the comfort of your own home before sending them away to be tested. The majority of routine tests are turned around within 24 hours. Swabs and cultures take on average three days and other tests may take a little longer.

At Vets2Pets we don’t keep you or your pets waiting. For a fast diagnosis, call us or book online today.

Blood Tests

In human medicine, the patients have no choice but to have a blood test before they go for surgery. This is required to rule out underlying problems. In veterinary medicine it is not compulsory but highly recommended before any anaesthesia or surgery.

Benefits of Pre-anaesthetic Blood Test

• Peace of mind that no underlying problem exists that might put the patient in danger during anaesthesia.
• Early diagnosis of any underlying organ problem can help us to start with supportive treatment.
• Detection of abnormalities that might be corrected or compensated for during surgery.
• Diagnosis of disease that might have gone undetected.

Benefits of Annual Senior Blood Test

• Early detection of old age problems
• Comparing results with previous years to look for trends of deterioration
• Early detection can help with early use of supportive treatment
• Diagnosis of disease

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