About Us

About Us

Vets2Pets was founded by three senior and highly experienced veterinarians who recognised pet owners were lacking the services of vets who are truly committed to travelling to homes in Perth. Mobile vets offer home visits but we have found the reality is many anxious pet owners are often left frantically making multiple phone calls waiting for their requests to be returned before a visit can be arranged, if at all.

Our mobile veterinary services are our primary focus, unlike many other practices which offer it as a sideline. Our aim is to change the current climate of poor response and fill the void in veterinary pet care that currently exists in Perth. We can achieve this through our fast reaction times, genuine commitment to caring for the health of animals and willingness and ability to travel to your home during unsociable hours.

The ‘Vets 2 Pets’ Experience

About Us

Mobile vets should have sufficient skills, experience and qualifications to deal with both routine and complex surgeries. Thanks to our exceptionally high level of training and through continual veterinary education, we ensure we are always kept up to date with all medical advances in the sector, so we can provide an even better level of care for pets.

We practise result driven medicine and always focus on the outcome and client satisfaction. We will treat your animal during our consult whenever possible or arrange for surgery to be performed at a separate location.


As veterinary managers we are accustomed to providing second opinions on complex surgical and medical cases and are accomplished in all area, such as the treatment and management of serious illnesses, chronic pain management and euthanasia, in addition to precautionary measures, including microchipping, vaccinations and certificates for travel purposes.

We are big believers in preventative medicine and can offer practical advice and vaccinations to help prevent your pet from becoming unwell.


Service Area

Vets2Pets are based south of the river and service suburbs up until and including Rockingham, in addition to suburbs north of the river as far as Joondalup, as well as suburbs east of Perth. Mobile vet services offered by Vets2Pets are here for you to ease your concerns about your much-loved pet, provide affordable prompt treatment and give you peace of mind that your animal is in the best hands possible.


Care and Compassion

We appreciate how important pets are to our clients and will always handle them with the respect and care they deserve. We are pet owners ourselves and understand how upsetting it is to see the animal you love suffering, so we continually go above and beyond for our clients.


Stress Free Pets

Of course it’s not just animal owners who become stressed if one of their pets becomes unwell and requires treatment. This is why we have all undertaken an accreditation programme dedicated to Stress Free Pets®. We are striving to work harder to ensure your pets do not become anxious while in our care and this valuable training will help make sure that’s the case through the gentle way we handle and treat them.


Safety and Your Peace of Mind

We also appreciate the trust pet owners place in us when they open their doors for each visit. This is why we all have police clearances and when you call Vets2Pets you can be rest assured you are allowing a vet into your home that’s trustworthy. If clients wish we can also provide personal references for extra peace of mind.

“Vets 2 Pets – Perth Mobile Vet Services for pet owners who want the best outcome for their animals”

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