Chronic Disease and Pain Management

Just as we cannot tolerate seeing other humans suffer, likewise seeing our pet unwell and in pain is extremely hard to handle, but thanks to Vets2Pet’s extensive experience in chronic disease and pain management, we can keep your pet as pain free and comfortable as possible at all stages of their illness.

We often wish our pets could talk so they can tell us what’s wrong, but this is where we can help by quickly diagnosing the cause of your pet’s pain/discomfort followed by the provision of appropriate treatment and pain relief. A house call vet service is beneficial because it allows your pet to remain in the safe, relaxed environment that he/she knows best.

As our pets age, just like us their health usually deteriorates and they require additional veterinary care. For working owners or those with family commitments, making regular trips for treatment can become all consuming. Our house call vets means we are able to visit you in your own home and give your much loved pet effective pain relief and medication for a host of different diseases.

If your pet has a terminal illness this can resonate throughout the family, but thanks to medical advances, a veterinary home visit can prolong your pet’s life and help to ensure he/she continues to live a more comfortable, pain free life. Vets2Pets can ensure your pet’s pain and discomfort is well managed through the provision of diagnostic tests and treatment at your pet’s bedside. We are able to help minimise the discomfort for those pets with reduced mobility who struggle with travel.

On those occasions when we can see the end is near our house call vets will gently explain the options available and should you choose the path of euthanasia we can provide this service in the warm and familiar setting your home provides. We will ensure your pet will remain calm and at peace around the clock.

Our house call vets can help your pets live longer and happier lives. Call us today to book your appointment.

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