Fit for Flight Certification and Rabies Vaccinations

Our vets at Vets2Pets can take care of all the necessary examinations, vaccinations and parasite treatments to certify that your pet is “fit to fly”. We are well accomplished in this area and have each spent many years helping to prepare animals for flight, in addition to ensuring they meet the strict requirements of being exported overseas from Australia.

Our service includes:

  • Performing laboratory tests in accordance with the country they shall be traveling to

  • Performing all required pre-export treatments and vaccinations

  • Carrying out a final pre-export health inspection

  • Inspecting transport cages/crates to ensure the animal will be safe and comfortable throughout the journey

  • Rabies vaccinations and associated documentation

  • Sedative and calmative agents to reduce flight associated anxiety and to increase the comfort of your pet’s travel.

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