Pet Euthanasia and Funeral Services

Vets 2 Pets makes saying goodbye to your pet easier

Saying farewell to your much loved pet is a heartbreaking decision which most people struggle to face, as while watching our cat or dog in pain is heartbreaking, so is the prospect of saying goodbye. Yet leaving them to suffer with no quality of life is not the best option and pain free pet euthanasia, which allows your animal to fall into a deep sleep they don’t wake up from, is the kindest way to say farewell.

At Vets2Pets we are highly experienced in the field of pet euthanasia and by coming to your home we can allow your pet to remain at peace in a familiar environment, surrounded by the things and people they love. We understand it is too difficult for some pet owners to remain present in their pet’s final moments and our staff will be there to ensure he or she is comforted and as relaxed as possible.

Pet Euthanasia – when is it time?

Recognising whether to euthanize your pet can be difficult so we advise owners to ask the following questions:

  • Are they still able to eat, drink and move about without discomfort?
  • Do they still recognise and greet you?
  • Are they displaying obvious signs of pain?

There is often a danger of leaving a pet to suffer for too long because you’re reluctant to face the inevitable, but these delays can make the end even more upsetting and distressing for your pet and yourself, so it is usually better to take action sooner to save you and your pet unnecessary suffering.

What happens next?

If you feel euthanasia is the kindest choice we will visit your home and make sure your pet is tranquil and content. This may be their favourite sleeping place, such as their bed or the sofa. You may choose to cuddle your pet on your lap and stroke them throughout the process.

We invite owners to be present for the final moments but as pet euthanasia can be distressing for young children we don’t actively encourage them to be present.

Firstly, we provide your pet with a calming sedative and, if necessary, pain relief to help relax and calm them down. Next we establish a catheter, typically into the front leg of the animal, which allows us to inject a concentrated dose of an anaesthetic agent which will ease your pet into a very deep sleep before they pass away to a more peaceful place.

Our Vets2Pets euthanasia procedure removes the stress and pain from the end of life experience for the pet you love

Funeral Services

Vets2Pets offer a full cremation funeral service so we can give your pet the dignified farewell they deserve. Our staff are sympathetic and gentle in their approach and we’ll take away all the stress of the funeral planning for you by doing the preparation work and service itself. We are happy to take direction from pet owners themselves, so simply tell us what style of service you would prefer for your beloved pet and leave the rest to us.

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