Palliative Care

Our end of life care for pets is an area we treat with sensitivity and great compassion as we appreciate emotions run very high when a pet is terminally ill. Owners are often faced with the difficult decision of whether to try and keep their pet comfortable towards the end of their life or allow it to pass away peacefully through euthanasia. Our vets can help talk you through the choices available. Thanks to medical advances there are a wide range of treatments designed specifically to allow your pet to be as comfortable as possible as they grow older or if their condition deteriorates.

We will also take measures to make sure your pet has the necessary nutrition throughout their illness and can address issues of hygiene if they do not have full control of their bladder or bowel.

If your pet has restricted mobility the advantages of having a vet to your home are obvious. The animal is not forced to endure additional discomfort and upset by being transported. We are all animal lovers ourselves and will treat your pet with the love and gentle touch it deserves. We will always do everything in our power to make sure your pet’s last months, weeks or days are as comfortable and pain free as can be.

Having a vet to your home for palliative care is the perfect choice for owners who want to make sure their pets stay happy and comfortable as their end of life approaches. If the time for euthanasia arrives, they will pass away in their own home, surrounded by loved ones.

For TLC, effective pain management and advanced palliative care call Vets2Pets today!

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