Medical Consultations

Our home vets will save you and your pet an unnecessary journey and clinic wait time by coming directly to your house to examine your pet, making a prompt diagnosis and if necessary prescribe treatments and or medication. You can also schedule in a health check on a regular basis as a preventative measure.

We can examine your pet’s heart, perform an oral examination for dental health, check the health of their eyes and ears and assess their weight. Following these assessments, we may make recommendations about diet, exercise and any treatments required. We can even deliver your pet food and medications directly to your door.

If necessary we will perform blood and urine tests and if required, arrange x-rays and book in surgical appointments. Our home vets are all qualified and experienced for both routine and complex cases so there is always peace of mind we can handle the case.

Thanks to our exceptionally high level of qualifications and experience all our home vets can perform a full range of veterinary services to ensure that your pets stay happy and healthy.

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