Sedation and Minor Procedures

There is no need to round up your pets and ferry them to your nearest veterinary practice when Vets2Pets can be at your home with the necessary skills, equipment and medications at short notice to perform the required treatments. Our friendly, animal loving vets are always just a phone call or email away and love the opportunity to get to know your pet better and treat it in your own house.

Minor procedures can be performed in the comfort of your pet’s own home environment and we can bring the necessary sedatives and medications required. This saves pet owners a great deal of time and most importantly it protects your treasured pet from the anxiety associated with travel to an unfamiliar place.

Vets2Pets ensures your pets spend more quality time at home without enduring time wasted in traffic or vets’ practices. However, all our staff have practised in busy veterinary clinics and as veterinary surgeons, we are well qualified to inform you if your pet is in need of a surgical facility to undergo a specific procedure.

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